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Nikon repair Service review

Nikon D800

So, my trusty D800 starts to display a card read fault and stops writing to the cards in the camera. Its not a card fault as I tested the camera with several cards. Bugger! My only option is to send it for repair. While there I will get the mode dial locking pin repaired as it has been sticking for a  considerable time and the camera could probably do with a service anyway.

Down I go to see Martin the boss at my local Camera shop to arrange for it to be sent back for an estimate. Yes I could have done this myself but I find using Martins service is far more efficient and he will deal with all the necessary postage packing etc for a very reasonable fee. I list the faults and off it goes for a repair estimate which duly arrives several days later. The card error cannot be duplicated in testing, which I am told is not uncommon, so I authorise the other repairs in the quote.

Now on the quote is listed “replace command dial unit” which I query as that was not a fault I listed. On checking I am told this  is because it is not up to specification when the camera was tested. Now the camera is only just out of warranty by a few months so I start to wonder if the is unit has been faulty since new but has never really caused me any issues with the type of shooting that I mostly do, and now Nikon have decided that it needs replacing and possibly is the cause of my card error. Only time will tell if the card error repeats then I know this to not be the case. If this fix cures the error then I will always have my suspicions that I have paid for repair to a faulty unit which should have been repaired under warranty. The lesson to learn from this is to always send your camera back for a service while still under warranty as I have just recently done with my Fuji mirror less which came back fully serviced and working free of charge. On the plus side whenever you send a camera back to Nikon for repair the camera gets a full service so I am now confident that it has been fully calibrated and everything s working fine. 🙂 Watch this space !

Nikon news

As I ponder what the new year will bring for photography, Nikon is poised to announce new Cameras and Lenses in the new year. For me personally this is more about my wish list than reality as the new kid on the block is expected to be a up scaled D4 with a higher resolution sensor or the mid range “S” upgrade which happened with the D3s 12 months after the D3. A very expensive upgrade aimed at Pro Togs with deep pockets. Exactly what the specs will be remains to be seen as Nikon keep their secrets very well. Plenty of rumors but we will as always have to wait until the day to find out. Roll on the New year.