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Time for a re-fresh

Now it is time to refresh Macs Photography website.

HI, as any regular visitor to my website will know, I have not been updating very regularly. I am now in the process of correcting and refreshing my site with new and updated look and images. Thanks for your patience, and watch this space. Browse my images or follow my updated blog posts as I make improvements. Like all major undertakings this process will take time as I need to create new images and review new topics, all of which are time consuming. If you don’t have the patience to wait then sorry, but good things take time. If I rush it will not be the quality that I expect of myself or would want to deliver. Any major project is time consuming but quality takes time.


My office for the day


My Office for the day working for the National Trust, found me west of Prawle Point looking towards Gammon head in the near distance.

One of the most scenic and stunning views I have seen in five years working for the trust. A cold but very bright day went unnoticed as I was completely lost in the beauty of my surroundings, and gathering the images for the job.

This part of the Devon coast requires you to have the stamina of an Olympic athlete and the agility of a mountain Goat. The coastal path winds up and down steep cliff edges, and weaves between other worldly rock formations as you make your way along the path.

Also to be seen on this stretch of the coast are Orthostats, or ancient field boundaries whose exact age are not known. Evidence that at some point this part of the coast was heavily farmed by our ancestors.

Easily accessible for the fit and able, this path is quite daunting for the infirm or those among us who remember being a twenty something only vaguely. It is though, manageable  with care, and a realization of your own limits. Anyone who wants to get out and enjoy this stunning piece of our local coastline, get going.


East Soar National Trust Panorama


This is a first for me. Took a shot for the National Trust to showcase the South Devon coast at East Soar.

Even though one panel of the shot to the left is missing this is the biggest I have ever had a shot printed. Actual size of the full image is 18ft x 6.6ft. It is a panorama of 48 images taken and merged into the final shot at 300 dpi so that people standing right against it can see all the detail without pixellation being obvious.

The missing panel on the left shows a NT ranger looking at the view. Hope to get a shot of the complete pano when they get the missing panel back from being repaired.

For the techie freaks amongst us the image actually contains 1’735’311’360 pixels or in English one billion, seven hundred and fifty three million three hundred and eleven thousand, three hundred and sixty pixels. The File size is over 6.5 Gb.