Images around the Sea. The Coast provides some of the most stunning scenery and seascapes available to enjoy at our leisure.

As a Landscape Photographer I spend many hours either early in the morning or late into the evening waiting for Mother Nature to allow me a momentary glimpse of the beauty she provides as the our bit of the Planet rotates into the light of our Sun or away from the Day and into the night. There are many complex reasons why no two sunrises or sunsets are alike, and there lies the mystery of the Landscapers art. As the seasons change the angle at which the Earth faces the Sun changes, and these angles vary the direction from which the suns light enters the Atmosphere. The Atmosphere is our gassy blanket that covers the Earth and the refraction of sunlight through the various densities of dust, moisture, and air give some of the most stunning effects as light is allowed through or filtered depending on the prevailing weather in the direction the light is coming from.

All of my images are captured using either Nikon or Olympus equipment.

Fantastic lighting displays and colourful skies are fleeting moments that pass all to quickly, and if I am not poised to capture them they will be missed.