Astrophotography by Eric McDonald.

When you gaze into the night sky very few of us see the enormity of the Galaxy we live in. Light pollution from urban areas leaks into the sky and diffuses a lot of what we are able to see with the naked eye. The only way to overcome this is to go to an area where the view is not affected by the surrounding urban environment. For most of us in the UK this is not easy, our cities and towns are mostly within easy reach of each other and whichever direction we look we are gazing towards a source of light pollution. There are however some areas of our country where we are able to escape the worst of the pollution and have a chance of viewing our Galaxy with the naked eye. This where the modern digital camera gives us the advantage. Modern camera sensors are capable of seeing much more than the naked eye can at night, and enable Photographers to get the amazing shots of the Milky way that abound around the web. All of my Images in this gallery were achieved using Nikon cameras, and Olympus cameras, either a D800,a D4s or an OND EM1/11.