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Nikon news

As I ponder what the new year will bring for photography, Nikon is poised to announce new Cameras and Lenses in the new year. For me personally this is more about my wish list than reality as the new kid on the block is expected to be a up scaled D4 with a higher resolution sensor or the mid range “S” upgrade which happened with the D3s 12 months after the D3. A very expensive upgrade aimed at Pro Togs with deep pockets. Exactly what the specs will be remains to be seen as Nikon keep their secrets very well. Plenty of rumors but we will as always have to wait until the day to find out. Roll on the New year.

Upwards again

For anyone embarking on creating your own website for whatever reason, never forget to plan for all eventuallities. I recently had to take this site down because it was invisible to the major search engines. When I started to ask around with my hosting provider about why this was it quickly became clear to me that in he big wide world of the interweb I was on my own. Yep they replied that my domain was live and the site visible on its domain but that was all the assistance I got. All of which was true, I could find my site by typing the URL but if I searched by name ( Macs Photography). I did not exist.  I will not confuse you (as I became very confused) with all the techno babble about why Macs Photography was invisible, but the solution was an account re set with my host and a fresh install of my website. Sound familiar to Windows users? Needless to say it is not a process I have enjoyed but I have learned hugely from it. I am glad to say that after a clean start I am now visible to the world wide web again via a search engine. Pretty useful for people trying to find my business 🙂 . As for the planning? Keep backups of your webpages so that you can quickly re build your site without too much pain. I am so glad I did. Onwards and upwards.