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East Soar National Trust Panorama


This is a first for me. Took a shot for the National Trust to showcase the South Devon coast at East Soar.

Even though one panel of the shot to the left is missing this is the biggest I have ever had a shot printed. Actual size of the full image is 18ft x 6.6ft. It is a panorama of 48 images taken and merged into the final shot at 300 dpi so that people standing right against it can see all the detail without pixellation being obvious.

The missing panel on the left shows a NT ranger looking at the view. Hope to get a shot of the complete pano when they get the missing panel back from being repaired.

For the techie freaks amongst us the image actually contains 1’735’311’360 pixels or in English one billion, seven hundred and fifty three million three hundred and eleven thousand, three hundred and sixty pixels. The File size is over 6.5 Gb.

Good weather

As I look  out of the window I can breath a sigh of relief that some good weather is finally arrived. Which is a blessing because I have two commissions for prints which are not possible without some good weather.  A recent shoot for the National trust was made all the more pleasant with some sunshine and the shots will be up on their Rangers web blog soon.

More Prints for sale.

I have just recently updated the selection of prints from my Landscape portfolio on sale at my local farm shop, the Countrymans choice at Ivybridge near Plymouth in dear old Devon.

If you live locally go and have a look, and browse the fantastic produce on offer to support this local business. All of the fresh produce is sourced locally and I personally buy all my meat from this butcher. The quality is outstanding and the prices compare favourably with my local supermarket. The big advantage? All the meat is from Devon Farmers so its provenance is well known.

And while you are there also browse my prints sale and enjoy my work. All of the images on sale can be re produced on canvas if framed prints are not your thing. Just contact me for a personal quotation to suit your requirements. 🙂


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The long way back

To maintain a hobby you have to enjoy your hobby or interest quickly fades.

To maintain a passion, that passion has to grab you at every opportunity and fill your mind with ideas constantly or it falls to being just a hobby.  Running a business falls into two areas.

1. You run a business because it provides you with an income and you need the income to survive.

2. You run a business because it is also your passion and fills your mind constantly with new ideas as you observe new opportunities.

I have to admit to being in the former camp the last few months as I dealt with some serious issues outside of my control and unfortunately Macs Photography suffered because of it. I am not sure what kick started me again but I am glad it did. I am now back passionate and creatively exploring new ideas for the upcoming good weather, which I am really excited about and will showcase on here as they develop. Commissions are lining up as I get back into the swing of running and promoting my Photography to share my passion with people who appreciate the beauty of an image captured to record a moment in time.


Playing Catch up

So the New Year has come and gone, and we now race towards spring. The last few weeks have been trying due to a family bereavement which hit us all at Macs Photography very hard. As a consequence this site and the business has taken a back seat for a  while. Sad as we feel life and the business goes on, so I am now concentrating on updating and adding new content to the site, while catching up with all the work which has been queued up as we dealt with other things.

Breach of Contract

So, a friend asks if I will Photograph their wedding for them. Naturally I say yes. It is new business and I want to see my friend get some quality photos as a reminder of their special day.

I  draw up and we agree on the contract and a fee. Now is the point I went wrong! Because the couple were on a bit of a budget with the wedding they asked if I  would waive my usual non refundable deposit as they would save up the money and settle with me before the wedding. Always willing to be flexible and because I knew them I agreed. I carried on making plans for the shoot. I provisionally engaged another Tog for the Bridal prep shots, sourced extra equipment I would need and blocked the date in my diary.

Last night a received a Text message saying awfully sorry but as they were on a budget a family friend would be doing the wedding photos for free to save them some money. So where does that leave my business? Well it leaves me with having learned a good lesson as far as running my business is concerned.

Do not feel sorry for clients, even if you know them, when they plead poverty and ask you to wait for the booking fee. The only question which remains is do I pursue them for the booking fee as per the contract or put it down to experience and get on with other things?


2014 comes in to Land

As 2014 approaches too fast to think about I would wish all my readers a Happy and prosperous New Year. One more day and we are all a year older, a year wiser, and closer to achieving our dreams. For you I hope it is all you wished for and for me I hope to continue creating images that people like to see and enjoy having hung on their wall. To the couples getting married this year my best wishes and I will do my utmost to capture the images you want for your special day. 🙂

Christmas Past

So Christmas has been and gone, 🙂

Plenty of photography related gifts received, looking forward to using them in anger. Hope my readers had a good christmas and that you received as many camera related pressies as you wished for. Thanks to all my customers for your business in 2013, and I hope to see you all again in 2014.

As the New Year approaches at speed I am looking forward to getting out and about for new shots. As my business grows my enthusiasm for photography grows with it. Already have two weddings booked for 2014 and canvas/prints sales have been flying out in the lead up to Christmas. Have a happy  New Year and a great 2014.