About me

About me, sitting next to the grand canyon
Eric McDonald sitting on the edge of the grand canyon

My name is Eric McDonald. This page is about me.

I am a non award winning (though I still live in hope ) working photographer. My preference is to use the term “working Photographer”, as the term Professional, seems far to pretentious for doing something I love.

My family and I currently  live on the edge of the Dartmoor National Park. I am based near Plymouth, Devon.

How did I become a Photographer.

Having travelled  the world for many years while serving in the Royal Marines, the sights and sounds of the many and varied places and people I saw ignited my passion for Photography.

While living for several years in the far east with my family, I became engrossed in  the subtle interplay  between light and the world around me, and I learned to “read light”.

Eventually we settled in the South West, and I left the Military to work for the Ministry of Justice.  My photography took a back seat as my family grew and many other priorities took over. My passion for photography always simmered away in the background and ignited again when my children grew and settled into lives of their own. This left me with more of my time to focus on Photography.

Since leaving the Ministry, I have been able to devote myself fully to Photography. I became determined to embark on a career which I enjoyed, so I started Macs Photography as a viable enterprise in 2010.

Who have I worked for?

Photography is about capturing the simple beauty of this unique area, the scenery, the people and any subjects in between. I have undertaken commercial commissions for National and local businesses, personal commissions for enthusiasts of the areas stunning Landscapes, and natural beauty. I am very proud to be associated with commissions for The national Trust.   My work is featured in their Websites, National publications, press releases, and information panels.

I have a passion for Astrophotography which is growing, and is a like it or not for some people. I am constantly inspired to capture the beauty of the universe we live in.

My work has featured in National and local publications including the Sunday Mail, Devon Life and Western Morning news.

Eric McDonald