Nikon repair Service review

Nikon D800

So, my trusty D800 starts to display a card read fault and stops writing to the cards in the camera. Its not a card fault as I tested the camera with several cards. Bugger! My only option is to send it for repair. While there I will get the mode dial locking pin repaired as it has been sticking for a  considerable time and the camera could probably do with a service anyway.

Down I go to see Martin the boss at my local Camera shop to arrange for it to be sent back for an estimate. Yes I could have done this myself but I find using Martins service is far more efficient and he will deal with all the necessary postage packing etc for a very reasonable fee. I list the faults and off it goes for a repair estimate which duly arrives several days later. The card error cannot be duplicated in testing, which I am told is not uncommon, so I authorise the other repairs in the quote.

Now on the quote is listed “replace command dial unit” which I query as that was not a fault I listed. On checking I am told this  is because it is not up to specification when the camera was tested. Now the camera is only just out of warranty by a few months so I start to wonder if the is unit has been faulty since new but has never really caused me any issues with the type of shooting that I mostly do, and now Nikon have decided that it needs replacing and possibly is the cause of my card error. Only time will tell if the card error repeats then I know this to not be the case. If this fix cures the error then I will always have my suspicions that I have paid for repair to a faulty unit which should have been repaired under warranty. The lesson to learn from this is to always send your camera back for a service while still under warranty as I have just recently done with my Fuji mirror less which came back fully serviced and working free of charge. On the plus side whenever you send a camera back to Nikon for repair the camera gets a full service so I am now confident that it has been fully calibrated and everything s working fine. 🙂 Watch this space !

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