The long way back

To maintain a hobby you have to enjoy your hobby or interest quickly fades.

To maintain a passion, that passion has to grab you at every opportunity and fill your mind with ideas constantly or it falls to being just a hobby.  Running a business falls into two areas.

1. You run a business because it provides you with an income and you need the income to survive.

2. You run a business because it is also your passion and fills your mind constantly with new ideas as you observe new opportunities.

I have to admit to being in the former camp the last few months as I dealt with some serious issues outside of my control and unfortunately Macs Photography suffered because of it. I am not sure what kick started me again but I am glad it did. I am now back passionate and creatively exploring new ideas for the upcoming good weather, which I am really excited about and will showcase on here as they develop. Commissions are lining up as I get back into the swing of running and promoting my Photography to share my passion with people who appreciate the beauty of an image captured to record a moment in time.


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