East Soar National Trust Panorama


This is a first for me. Took a shot for the National Trust to showcase the South Devon coast at East Soar.

Even though one panel of the shot to the left is missing this is the biggest I have ever had a shot printed. Actual size of the full image is 18ft x 6.6ft. It is a panorama of 48 images taken and merged into the final shot at 300 dpi so that people standing right against it can see all the detail without pixellation being obvious.

The missing panel on the left shows a NT ranger looking at the view. Hope to get a shot of the complete pano when they get the missing panel back from being repaired.

For the techie freaks amongst us the image actually contains 1’735’311’360 pixels or in English one billion, seven hundred and fifty three million three hundred and eleven thousand, three hundred and sixty pixels. The File size is over 6.5 Gb.

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