Breach of Contract

So, a friend asks if I will Photograph their wedding for them. Naturally I say yes. It is new business and I want to see my friend get some quality photos as a reminder of their special day.

I  draw up and we agree on the contract and a fee. Now is the point I went wrong! Because the couple were on a bit of a budget with the wedding they asked if I  would waive my usual non refundable deposit as they would save up the money and settle with me before the wedding. Always willing to be flexible and because I knew them I agreed. I carried on making plans for the shoot. I provisionally engaged another Tog for the Bridal prep shots, sourced extra equipment I would need and blocked the date in my diary.

Last night a received a Text message saying awfully sorry but as they were on a budget a family friend would be doing the wedding photos for free to save them some money. So where does that leave my business? Well it leaves me with having learned a good lesson as far as running my business is concerned.

Do not feel sorry for clients, even if you know them, when they plead poverty and ask you to wait for the booking fee. The only question which remains is do I pursue them for the booking fee as per the contract or put it down to experience and get on with other things?


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